Borrowing cheap money from the fed greatly boosts returns

If you’ve invested using debt/borrowing in the past you may believe that it’s a really bad deal, some brokers will charge you with hefty fees such as 9% APR interest! I’m here to tell you that there are profitable ways to invest your money without paying such fees here’s a list:

  1. Using a broker like interactive brokers to borrow from the fed, they currently offer rates around 2-2.5% interest APR, if you invest that in a high dividend stock the dividend will often be higher than the interest
  2. Purchase options, purchasing somewhat in the money options often reflects the same as buying a stock, however; you are able to buy nearly 3x the amount of stock using those options; one thing to be weary of though is to stay away from short term options because they are speculative and rely on the stocks short term movement and have much less time to stabilize if you market moves the wrong direction. As well, although long-term options are profitable there is a risk that you over-leverage and lose 100% of your investment in them.
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Buying the best wireless mouse

Have you ever wondered what makes a computer mouse good or bad? Here’s what I’ve experienced:

  1. Low quality mice that use optical lasers to move your mouse
  2. Long slow latency where you mouse takes almost a second to move after you tell it to
  3. uncomfortable mice and wires getting in the way

To solve these issues I’ve personally used mice that rely on great wireless technology and cameras to recognize movements. In particular
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Protecting Yourself From Realtors

If you’re looking to purchase a property in the near future I recommend watching out for two sneaky tricks and clauses:

  1. They will often try to lock you into an exclusive agreement for a year and force you to pay commission on the any home you buy, even if they didn’t show it to you. I personally am not willing to sign an exclusive representation agreement and instead ask to sign the non exclusive representation agreement that only give them permission to the property.
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How I learned Spanish in a year on my way to work

Learning a new language can seem overwhelming and difficult; however, if you focus at it enough it can be a simple task.  Here’s how I learned Spanish in just under a year;

  1. Every day on the way to work I would look at the environment and try to put a word to everything, if I didn’t know the word I would look it up and then add the Spanish word to a document/note cards; I started with simple things such as rivers, lakes, roads, trees, planes, birds.
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How eating out less can allow you to eat out 46 times for free

Throughout the past few years I’ve been incredibly careless with my restaurant spending. In just a few of the years my spending was as high as $23,000 on food, if I had started a food review website this wouldn’t be such a bad deal; but without write-offs it definitely hit my bottom line; as a result I decided to try a small experiment which is:
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Narrowing down your startup ideas

When starting up a new company you’ll often run into a cliff where your ideas never come into fruition, here’s some tips on how to prevent that and some advice on industries to enter and avoid:

  1. You want to avoid an industry that does’nt have near infinite demand, my main reason for this because it will be very difficult to advertise, market and sell if your customers are few and far; an example of a good industry with lots of demand could be car insurance, or web programming business though there are tons of other ones
  2. Make sure that the industry isn’t over competitive, if your industry has too much competition and can’t spread through simple networking or compete based on advertising then you’ll have an impossible time getting off the ground. If this is the case your best to start with proving out the demand of the product, rather than making the product or a website before selling it
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Peer to peer lending, is it worth it?

About two years ago I started up a lending club account, so far here’s what my experience has been:

  1. Lending club is basically like bonds if you intend to sell them you will likely lose money.
  2. Lending club has a note trading platform, stay away from it, I  write algorithms to trade against it and I’m sure others do to. You’ll usually(always) lose the trade if you  are competing with us
  3. The long-term return has been fairly good and is typically around 6% but that comes with some risk
  4. You’ll get several notes where the borrower doesn’t even make the first payment this seemed like a huge issue to me and hurt my returns.(They should offer protection)
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