Custom Web Development

If you have an important  or challenging website development project and need a quick turn around time then this is the perfect place to go. We focus on creating the best web sites and web apps starting as cheap as $500 made entirely by US citizens from Minnesota. Here’s some examples of our work:

1. An angularized internationalized patient intake project for a fortune 6 company
2. A work order dispatch software using real-time location data to calculate the distance between a contractor and site/facility
3. Hotel search and booking software that allows users to search for hotels withing x distance of the ocean, as well as search by pool, landscape, and building rating
4. A custom art project that had ~300 clickable zones per image that loads related data on click of any particular zone
5. Screen scraping software to get all of the tax information off of government websites and provide the ability to search for all the properties any specific person owns
6. Real-time stock analysis and trading software

All of our developers are full-stack US citizens residing in Minnesota and are capable of solving the most difficult problems

We offer up front prices and deliver excellent quality websites, most importantly we charge cash on delivery, so you don’t have to worry about paying for a website that your not satisfied with.

We offer our services to develop websites for most modern platforms, as well as custom java web development for those of you who want something entirely custom.

Our Web development services start at $500 for a simple 5 page website, and typically run $3000-$8000 for a fully customized website.

If your interested in getting a custom website or need our assistance with a complicated problem contact us now.