Getting rid of gnats

Anyone who’s an avid gardener has had to deal with the annoyance of gnats. No matter what you do gnats won’t seem to go away and they’ll spread to all your other plants as well; this article is dedicated to the destruction of gnats and — there are three major ways to get rid of them:

  1.  Gnat Nix -> Gnat Nix works by creating a barrier to enter into a soil, this prevents the gnats from getting out to escape, breed, and annoy you; it certainly is an effective way to control gnats without poisoning your plants
  2. Gnat fly traps-> fly traps work wonders they attract and collect thousand of gnats that would have been flying around. I highly recommend them! One thing to note though is they do not get rid of all the gnats, they are only good to reduce the population
  3. Insecticide-> I personally don’t like using insecticides, however; if you’re an avid indoor grower and you don’t plan to eat the plant(or the plant isn’t edible), then this is the fastest and most effective option
  4. Another approach is to avoid certain soils that seem to encourage gnat growth, in particular I’ve had issues with Miracle Grow(however; It also seems to be the best soil for plant growth, so I’ve optioned towards using it and treating to prevent gnats)

Most importantly, I’ve seen several suggestions that seem quite absurd to me and are completely ineffective. The following ideas do not seem to work, especially if your goal is to completely eliminate the gnats:

  • Using a mixture  of apple cider vinegar, water, sugar and dish soap.
  • Using a mixture red wine and dish soap.
  • Pouring diluted bleach down the sink or tub drain
  • Mashing rotten bananas up into a bowl, and then stretching plastic wrap over the top, and poke holes in the plastic.
  • Killing individual gnats by employing a spray bottle filled with water, vinegar, and dish soap.

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