How a 23$ keyboard better than a laptop!? Your cellphone

For anyone that likes to be on the go and tries to carry around a laptop or paper notebook for keeping track of your thoughts and documents– you likely know the common pains:

  1. You carry around the notebooks but never end up using it.
  2. You guard them as if they are gold.
  3. By the time you have the motivation to use them, the batteries dead.

In contrast a Bluetooth keyboard and your phone don’t have these issues; they are very light weight, inexpensive, and highly portable, the best part is you carry around your phone anyways. For these reasons, I’m contanstly using my keybord to write long articles during trips up north, and at any visit to the coffee shop.

Here’s my favorite keyboard, I like this one specificly because of its layout and action buttons (I bought the several dozen keyboards to determine this).

If you’re interesting in purchasing oneĀ here’s a direct link to amazon.

AmazonBasics Bluetooth Keyboard for Android Devices – Black


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