Why company stock options are a great deal but also a scam

If you work at a large fortune 500 company they will offer you the ability to buy stock at a 15% discount from the lowest point during the offering period, this sounds like a great deal right? So what’s in it for them, should you take the deal?

After a lot of research I realized that it typically is highly favorable to take the stock option; however, you should note that you likely need to wait at least one year from the end date of the options in order to be able to sell the stock, so you will be under some risk for this.

In addition, it’s likely that the companies are offering you stock in order to inflate the stock price, every employee that agrees to participate will increase the overall demand for the stock by that amount, which therefore causes a rising price

So my advice is generally that you should accept the stock options but be weary, if the company doesn’t have solid fundamentals it may not be worth the risk

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