Tech recruiters will greatly up your pay

For any of you who have went through the effort to apply to several dozen places and ended up not landing a single job, this articles for you. Often when you apply to a company they aren’t even hiring, that means they likely won’t see your resume. to make it worse, when they start to hire they often call in people from their favorite recruiting firms the next day before even looking at resumes; this leads to them often selecting a candidate before hr even picks up your resume.

Now the other side of this is if you choose to have a recruiter represent you. If you do, they will help fix up your resume, tell the employer great things about you (even if they don’t believe them), and often give the employer the impression that you are very experienced.Because of this you don’t need to work as hard to prove yourself. Lastly, contract rates are quite reasonable  at 60-150$ an hour billing to the client, so there should be plenty of money from the client for both the recuriter and yourself.

Also remember not to post your phone number on job sites, your much better off using a job specific email(You’ll thank me later for dodging the spam!)

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