Improving your credit score

Managing your credit score can often seem very frustrating, but here are some tips to help simply it:

  1. Set up auto pay for all of your bills so that you never miss a payment.(Missed payments greatly impact your credit score).
  2. Get a credit card as soon as possible, most of your credit is determined by how long you’ve had your credit card.
  3. Pay off your credit card bill several time in the month to lower your credit utilization, the day they report your utilization is not usually the day after you pay your bill.(High utilization lowers your credit score).
  4. Ask for credit increases up to once per year(Higher credit limits lower utilization).
  5. Get a new card if you’ve had a beginners card and they aren’t raising your limit after a year or two(New Cards can greatly raise your credit limit and lower utilization).

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