How to choose the best stock broker

Over the last few years I’ve changed my stock broker several times, this article is to elaborate on how I’ve chosen my stock brokers and what broker I recommend. For a simple investor that has little funds and little investment experience I strongly recommend downloading Robinhood, it’s a mobile app that allows you to trade with out charging any commission. The only negative is that don’t allow you to trade options which can be very harmful for because it doesn’t let you employ one of my favorite strategies, buying stocks and selling a call(this allows them to buy your stock from you).

If you would like to use covered calls I would definitely recommend Interactive brokers they are a discount broker that offers all of the major services such as trading calls, puts, stocks, futures, and forex; and they charge low fees I believe a typical trade costs me around a dollar but its best to look at their website for current prices.

Lastly, I feel like TdAmeritrade is certainly worthy of a mention as well, they charge fairly high commission fees on both stocks and options, but they have by far the best tools, charts and data.

I personally have an account with all three of these stock brokers




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