How I learned Spanish in a year on my way to work

Learning a new language can seem overwhelming and difficult; however, if you focus at it enough it can be a simple task.  Here’s how I learned Spanish in just under a year;

  1. Every day on the way to work I would look at the environment and try to put a word to everything, if I didn’t know the word I would look it up and then add the Spanish word to a document/note cards; I started with simple things such as rivers, lakes, roads, trees, planes, birds.
  2. Shortly after I started adding words for things I would see at home and in the office such as bathrooms, sinks, toilets, paper towels etc
  3. Lastly I would convert my conversations into Spanish in my head

The result was a very fast adaption to speak Spanish; and supplementing this with note cards and phrase memorization work wonders.

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