Save thousands with an Indoor/Outdoor Humidity and Temp sensor

At first you might wonder why you should get home thermometer with a humidity sensor; but if you want to prevent costly mold problems, you’ll immediately know realize how important it is. Often times mold can secretly grow in a  basement or a condo’s ac/heat room without the home owner ever noticing for years! With a humidity sensor you can leave it in potentially problem-ed areas and see if the humidity exceeds 40%.

As well it works great to your fridge and freezer to see if it’s failing based on temp and excess moisture, to be specific your fridge should be under 40 degrees f and you freezer should be below 0 degrees f.

If you would like to purchase my favorite out of the many humidity sensors, here’s a link directly to amazon

AcuRite 00611A3 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer and Humidity Sensor


Also, if you have humidity problem I’ve personally had very good experiences with the following:

It’s relatively small and light, it has a built in humidity control, and combined with a humidity senor like the one above you can quickly know when you having a problem and turn on this dehumidifier(or just leave it on auto).

50-Pint Dehumidifier with Effortless Humidity Control, White


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