Chromebooks: the good, the bad, the obvious

I bought a high end Chromebook with a Nvidia processor about a year or two ago and it served me quite well;

it was great working with documents on the go and searching the internet; however, there are also some negatives that I feel make the Chromebook a worse investment than a Bluetooth keyboard + phone

  1. Chrome books don’t have windows or mac os installed so they wont work with any  of those os specific software
  2. Creating shortcuts and managing and creating new documents from your Chromebook’s desktop are a huge pain, as well you need to use google docs because they don’t have office or word
  3. Chromebooks are expensive considering you can likely do more with a cellphone

So overall, I liked using my Chromebook but instead I would recommend buying a Bluetooth keyboard and using that with your phone

AmazonBasics Bluetooth Keyboard for Android Devices – Black


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