Tax optimization turning your hobbies into a business

When it comes to starting a business it can often be very intimidating to get started due to the various costs. My goal is to help you understand how little work it can be and how much money you could save:

First, it’s important to understand that businesses will have some costs such as a registration cost with your state of around 150$; however, if you start up a company that does what you love, the savings can be massive for example:

if you like making music you can start up a music LLC and all of your newly purchased recording equipment can be written off which will allow you reduce your income by the amount you spend saving 20-40% of the cost you spend.
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I would avoid bonds here’s why!

Growing up I always heard of the wonders of bonds and how great they can be, however; in a modern-day environment I believe bonds are the worst possible investment. Here’s why:

  1. There are competitive assets like reits and stocks and peer-to-peer lending that greatly outperform the small return on bonds
  2. Banks currently offer risk free cd’s at 2% interest and you can take your money out for a small 6 month interest penalty
  3. If inflation kicks in your bonds can because a massive sink hole to your money, whenever the market offers a risk free return higher than your bond you would have to sell your bond at a price substantially lower than you bought it for; the real return over the entire life of the bond can become negative because of inflation

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Why I Don’t Invest in my 401k

Whenever you hear professionals talking about 401ks they always mention the tax deferral and how much that matters towards your long-term returns; however,  from my investment experience I believe that 401k’s will greatly underperform when compared to directly investing your after-tax  income into the market.

Here are some of my main reasons:

  1. 401k’s offer only mutual funds which often will under perform the market indexes that can be bought using standard brokers
  2. 401k’s don’t allow leverage, this can result in substantial limitations
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Tech recruiters will greatly up your pay

For any of you who have went through the effort to apply to several dozen places and ended up not landing a single job, this articles for you. Often when you apply to a company they aren’t even hiring, that means they likely won’t see your resume. to make it worse, when they start to hire they often call in people from their favorite recruiting firms the next day before even looking at resumes; this leads to them often selecting a candidate before hr even picks up your resume.
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Non-Competes, property ownership agreements, attorney fees’ caluse, and complete agreement why to avoid them and why talent fears them

It’s hard to believe anyone would turn down a 6 figure job because of a non-compete or ownership agreement, but that’s exactly what I have done 6 times before finally accepting a job at a much more reasonable company.

This article is about non-competes and property ownership agreements and the damages that can happen to you because of them.

I’ll start by introducing a very interesting legal dilemma, one where you pay a company to sue yourself because you used your own personal code to benefit your employer; yep, that’s a real scenario and possible that it will occur to you because three sneaky caluses–

  1.  The attorneys’ fees clause states that you will pay all their legal fees to go after you for any violation of the agreement(notice it has the ‘ after the s because they can pay multiple to sue you) .
  2. The property ownership clause says they own all code you work on while employed, and all code you bring to the company regardless of prior ownership. So by combining them they are incentivized to frivolously sue you! The company will tell you that the contract doesn’t mean that but then they will not put that statement in writing.
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Getting rid of gnats

Anyone who’s an avid gardener has had to deal with the annoyance of gnats. No matter what you do gnats won’t seem to go away and they’ll spread to all your other plants as well; this article is dedicated to the destruction of gnats and — there are three major ways to get rid of them:

  1.  Gnat Nix -> Gnat Nix works by creating a barrier to enter into a soil, this prevents the gnats from getting out to escape, breed, and annoy you; it certainly is an effective way to control gnats without poisoning your plants
  2. Gnat fly traps-> fly traps work wonders they attract and collect thousand of gnats that would have been flying around. I highly recommend them! One thing to note though is they do not get rid of all the gnats, they are only good to reduce the population
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Starting a saltwater aquarium

Have you every wanted to have a pet sea horse of puffer fish? This article is about my experience starting out a new aquarium. Getting a new aquarium came to me when I was looking at a painting of a puffer fish, I decided it would be great to own one so I went through a lot of research and decided I would get some figure 8 and green spotted puffers. I was quick to find that they were picky and need a salinity of 1.008 and that over time that would increase to 1.022. On top of that I would have to get the latest and greatest equipment just to keep the water clean enough and if I added other fish or invertebrates they would quickly be eaten from the aggressive puffer fish, on top of that puffer fish can often contain deadly toxins.
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The full guide to home inspection

Going through the home buying process can be a great deal of stress, to add to it a shotty home inspector can ruin your experience; this article is to help home owners and inspectors to do a better job. Here’s my list broken apart by category:


  1. Outlets: Test all of the outlets in the house using an outlet tester to find out if it has power or has wiring errors.
  2. Windows: Test all of the windows to make sure that they open and close freely, also look for moisture inside the windows which can signal an argon leak. Also look for rotting frames and make sure blinks and drapes have a spot to go.
  3. Doors: Test all of the doors and door handles in your house, my inspector missed many errors and my door handles fell off from touching them; also verify that the doors are wide enough to move furniture in or out
  4. Faucets: Test all faucets both hot and cold and look for leaks above and below the counter.
  5. Shower: Make sure that the shower easily turns on and off and doesn’t leak. Don’t be afraid to put a bit of pressure on the handle to make sure it breaks before you buy, rather than the day after. Also make sure that when the shower is on it becomes hot near the hot line(this is an early failure sign).
  6. Lights: Test all of the lights in the house to make sure they all work, don’t be afraid to bring extra bulbs because you don’t want to have to wire things after you buy it.
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Improving your credit score

Managing your credit score can often seem very frustrating, but here are some tips to help simply it:

  1. Set up auto pay for all of your bills so that you never miss a payment.(Missed payments greatly impact your credit score).
  2. Get a credit card as soon as possible, most of your credit is determined by how long you’ve had your credit card.
  3. Pay off your credit card bill several time in the month to lower your credit utilization, the day they report your utilization is not usually the day after you pay your bill.(High utilization lowers your credit score).
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How a 23$ keyboard better than a laptop!? Your cellphone

For anyone that likes to be on the go and tries to carry around a laptop or paper notebook for keeping track of your thoughts and documents– you likely know the common pains:

  1. You carry around the notebooks but never end up using it.
  2. You guard them as if they are gold.
  3. By the time you have the motivation to use them, the batteries dead.

In contrast a Bluetooth keyboard and your phone don’t have these issues; they are very light weight, inexpensive, and highly portable, the best part is you carry around your phone anyways. For these reasons, I’m contanstly using my keybord to write long articles during trips up north, and at any visit to the coffee shop.

Here’s my favorite keyboard, I like this one specificly because of its layout and action buttons (I bought the several dozen keyboards to determine this).

If you’re interesting in purchasing one here’s a direct link to amazon.

AmazonBasics Bluetooth Keyboard for Android Devices – Black